Reconnect Your Intent Through Creativity and Calm


Kate Guest and Bee Watson present an intuitive, insightful, setting of intent workshop

Who is this event for?

Do you feel you are busy but not fulfilled? Do you know that there is something more? Do you know how to find it? What will happen in the future if you don’t?

This small private event is for women who want to reconnect with their own self-awareness and personal growth, women who know their own mind and yet need something that assists them to discover more about their inner strengths and how they can use them to take them forward in life. It is about creating and crafting ideas and resources from within and creating your ‘Flower of intention’ to take away with you.

How long is it?

This is a three-hour workshop at the wonderful Deer Park Hotel, Honiton that gives you space and time to really connect with yourself and others. Why not book a lovely lunch with the hotel to complete the experience after completing the workshop.

How many can attend?

A maximum of 8 ladies.

What will the workshop look like?

The workshop will be divided into four parts: an introduction to the day and finding out what the delegates needs are, followed by insightful self-awareness and stress-reducing techniques. This will be followed by a Mindfulness calming session to prepare to be open and creative. Then you will have time to be guided by Bee to create your flower of intention. We will finish with a closing session to bring everything together before you leave.

What’s included?

During the three hours, you will be able to share in a safe place, be able to leave with knowledge, insight and a flower of your creation. Bee will guide you to produce an amazing paper flower, a gift to yourself that symbolises the trust and love you have in yourself. You will have this flower as a daily reminder of your inner resourcefulness. All materials for making your Flower of intention will be provided. Refreshments will also be included.

Bee Watson – Wild Hive

Bee Watson is a professional botanical artist who specialises in crafting detailed paper flowers. She designs floral templates from studies of live flora and foliage and will guide you through the creation of your own beautiful paper bloom. Once you have been introduced to the basic techniques of this beautiful craft, you will be able to work at your own pace to create your flower, following a template or your own intuition. This workshop is suitable for all creative abilities. Materials included.

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