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Increased Resilience in the workplace is frequently referred to and can be fully supported by communication coaching.

Excellent, effective communication and staff morale are essential to a thriving business. Kate wants her clients to achieve exactly that. Improving the above will improve productivity, team goals, personal achievement and thus satisfaction and achieving higher targets, increased productivity and performance. All of this means a happier customer or client and increased profits.

As someone in management:

  • Do you really know your staff?
  • Are you aware if there was a problem maybe personal or a work/colleague issue?
  • Are you approachable?
  • Can your staff come to you with a problem?
  • Are you utilising your staff to their best advantage?
  • Do you lead and motivate them?

The answer is you probably don’t know. You may think you know and that is completely different.

Everyone sees things from their point of view- their ‘map of the world’ and that won’t necessarily be the same for any one person.

As a member of staff:

  • How do you see yourself in your role?
  • How do you view the behaviour and roles of others?
  • Are you able to express these views?
  • Is that helpful?
  • Do you see yourself as a team player and maybe others don’t?
  • Do you feel ‘locked in’ with another colleague?
  • Are you motivated and if not how can that be improved?

Using numerous methods and skills Kate can help you and your company transform, transition and take off, unlocking potential, increasing confidence and adding value to your company and the individuals therein.

Thank you for contacting Kate to book the above workshop for your team either in-house or at a nearby venue.