Coaching for Change

Coaching for change is the title of this blog as I myself have gone through a lot of change in the last 12 months and I want to ask you what changes have you gone through?

Were they planned?

Were they useful?

Were they traumatic?

The most important question, however, is what have you learned?

There is a great phrase in the world of NLP (NeuroLinguisticc Programming), ‘There is no failure only feedback’. Another great piece of advice from one of my mentors Mike Mandel is ‘Any feedback, critique or criticism is only information.’

I often work with clients who are in a stuck state, unable to move on, worried what other people might say or are saying, ‘taking it to heart’ and other impactful metaphors. Through coaching, mentoring, hypnosis or a combination of these, I educate and support my clients to think differently, to thus behave differently and get different results.

What results are you getting in life right now? Are they supporting you? Hindering you? Keeping you stuck?

Helping people to move forward is the reason I get up in the morning. It’s the reason I study so much so I’m always learning more. It’s the reason my life is so rich and varied because of the clients that come into it.

The changes that I have been through have been challenging, exhausting, upsetting and sometimes just plain annoying, however, there is always something to be learned, an opportunity to reflect, a time to forgive, a time for growth. My coach and mentor (yes, we all need a coach), has helped me with my thinking, how can I help you with yours?

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