Thank you so much for all your help over the two sessions. The trip was so much better than I could ever have imagined, largely due to your help. I did not feel ill once during the entire trip due to nerves (a first for me) and this allowed me to try so many things I would have been hesitant about beforehand. Thanks again.


If someone had told me a few weeks ago that I would have a panic attack during my final year exams, consult a hypnotherapist and subsequently use specific techniques to steady my nerves, I think I would have laughed out loud. Well, that’s exactly what happened. I had a panic attack out of the blue for the first time in my life and I thought that degree hopes were dashed. Thanks to Kate’s swift intervention, I was able to use techniques to remain composed during stressful situations and managed to sit my remaining exams without losing my nerve. More importantly, this experience opened my mind to using alternative methods to tackle seemingly impossible situations. Thank you Kate, for helping me believe in myself again.


I can’t thank you enough for your time and care towards me. Before our session I had tried counselling, CBT and a trauma-focused CBT to manage my low mood, anxiety and PTSD. All of these I had found left me feeling negative and hopeless. I had preferred to self manage my difficulties through diet, exercise and personal strategies.

Our session focused on positive growth and the future, it was empowering, inspiring and left me feeling immediately better. As time has gone on I have used your teachings to continue to manage my difficulties and I feel that I am now more able to look forward with confidence and belief. My self-esteem and belief in my abilities as a mother have changed completely and I am no longer plagued by flashbacks which were bringing me down. During the CBT sessions through the NHS we practised recalling incidents, sights, smells, sounds alongside the events themselves. This, for me, just heightened feelings that I was already struggling with and through the re-telling I was often left feeling as though I had physically lived through the event once more.

From working with you I was pleased to talk to one of the young women I mentor at work who had similar experience, she had also been through several different rounds of counselling and CBT and although I had completed some positive thought challenging and growth exercises she was not able to move past her own self-loathing and anxiety. She is now, after 5 sessions with you, a completely different person. She can better handle the curve-balls that life throws at her and there have been no instances of self-harm.

Mental health is a journey and there is no quick fix, as individuals, we know that we will live with difficulties forever but, having been lucky enough to experience support with you I now trust that it can be easier and at times, the difficulties are non-existent!

I look forward to working with you again in the future and know that you will continue to inspire wherever you go.


I knew something wasn’t right when my 8-year-old came running in from the garden petrified because the neighbour had started a small bonfire. This was a month or so after we as a family experienced the horror of having to flee our home in the middle of the night when a huge fire broke out in the barns next to us. As a parent I was floundering, I was unsure of which way to turn to help my child move past this nightmare that she in danger of being trapped in. Cue Kate Guest who stepped into our lives just when we needed rescuing the most with her friendly, humorous, child-centered approach to therapy easing my daughter away from this potentially devastating phobia before it had gripped hold. My daughter enjoyed her sessions with their imaginative play, fun props and easy going style and in just a few sessions her mind had been steered away from what was damaging to her. Communication and flexibility were in abundance and I can’t thank Kate enough for giving my daughter a brighter future.


Kate Guest is a fantastic motivational coach and I have benefited greatly from her expertise and passion for her work. I can highly recommend finding out more for yourself.


Thank you, Kate, for your advice and coaching. It’s really helping us to become more goal driven. It can be a challenge to think strategically about what we want in life with two young children so our sessions are really helping us focus and give us the strategies and tactics to go after them.


I’ve been going through a difficult period in my life and it had left me feeling very sad and low. I attended one of Kate’s wonderful residential retreat weekends. On first meeting she instantly made me feel relaxed and her home was warm and welcoming. Walks out on Dartmoor helped me to focus and connect with Kate, which helped the sessions at home run very smoothly. A lovely lady with lots of excellent techniques, that reminded me there is light at the end of the tunnel, highly recommend. Thank you, Kate.


I saw Kate at one of the lowest parts of my life. Struggling to cope with losing my mum to cancer. I couldn’t cope and was so unhappy that lead to a spiral of overeating and more unhappiness. Yet in one session Kate gave me my confidence back. I left the room feeling exhausted but by the next day I was literally bouncing, full of joy and able to cope with anything. Everyone noticed a difference in me. I even lost two stone in next two months but that was a bonus compared to having found my smile again. Would I recommend her? Yes yes yes.


One of the best things I’ve done. I was having a few issues in life that needed ironing out. To be honest I had tried almost everything and was slightly skeptical about seeing a hypnotherapy coach. It is by far the best decision I have made, I have come out a new woman with a bright future. The tools given to me by Kate have helped to continue my growth. I felt so welcome in Kate’s company. Kate is brilliant at what she does and has time for you which makes the difference. I have already recommended Kate to many people and I hope that we cross paths again. Thank you for all your support.


To beat the January blues we were very fortunate to have Kate Guest visiting the Academy to meet our staff, Kate presented a session on Lifting limited beliefs and a mindfulness session, these were gratefully received by staff, Kate presented in a wonderful manner and it enabled everyone who attended to believe that “I can do it”! I thoroughly recommend Kate and her services to any other business as I can guarantee that employees will leave the training feeling so much more positive about themselves.

Mark Stocks

Deputy Head, Exeter Deaf Academy

A huge thank you to Kate for today. I cannot say how pleased and happy I am about how Kate delivered today’s co-coaching session.  I believe it has immediately helped our coachee in his being.  It is helpful for me too in supporting him and my own professional and personal use.  Just amazing.  I am only sorry that Kate is not based in Wiltshire!

John Walker

Housing Allocations and Lettings Manager, Wiltshire County Council

Kate has a unique and inspiring style, helping me to recognize my behaviours and re-occurring patterns in my relationships. Offering me the tools and the encouraging lift to help me progress forward positively in my life. Today I tell a different story with thanks to Kate. My perception is clearer and my future is so much brighter. Kate doesn't tell you the answers to Life's questions, she guides you to discover them for yourself.