D.I.S.C Personality Profiling


D.I.S.C Profiling

I offer D.I.S.C personality profiling to individuals and companies to unlock effective communication.

D.I.S.C is a psychometric test which is affected by the environment that someone is in at any given time. It looks at how a person performs in a work or public environment, when under stress and with self perception.

It is a highly validated tool that identifies:

Motivational Drivers
Preferred environments
Goal setting preferences
How an individual plans to achieve a goal
Decision-making strategies
Preferred communication style
Fears and challenges

Identified by Dr. William Marston (inventor of the polygraph lie detector) in 1926, D.I.S.C looks at four main styles of personality:





Using the knowledge gained from running a D.I.S.C profile on an individual, can help him or her to understand why they do or say things in a certain way, how they show up in life and how this impacts them and those around them.

Understanding your own and other peoples personality profiles, allows you to modify language and behaviour to manage yourself and others more effectively in any environment.

Businesses find individual D.I.S.C profiling prior to group workshops the most effective way to move teams forward.

Understanding and utilising peoples’ strengths is the best way to achieve great results. D.I.S.C helps you do that.

Contact me today to find out how you can move your business forward with excellent staff communication and collaboration.