Being in nature to help you work

As a regular feature writer for Grow Exeter, I was asked to write for the February theme of Digital.

Here is the article.
‘Offline or online, that is the question…’ ‘A blog by any other name should smell so sweet…’

Whether you have a preference for either working online or offline, I would say both are essential however, we all know how easy it is to sit at your computer and suddenly hours have gone by. Your posture may be affected, your breathing may be shallow, you don’t move around enough.

As a Wellbeing Coach and Practitioner, this is something close to my heart. My favourite and most popular blogs are when I am in my ‘Outside Office’, walking in nature. Connecting with my surroundings, talking to people I meet, being inspired and making notes on paper, my energy changes and when I do return to my office, I feel uplifted and rejuvenated.

Research shows that even 20 minutes barefoot on the ground causes positive, measurable brain changes. Our physical health gets a boost and this impacts on the physical/emotional/behavioural cycle, it’s win/win!

So it’s possible to work offline and get health benefits. How many ways can you find to work from your own outside office, feed your creativity and feel good?

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