Blue Monday

Blue Monday, 21st of January 2018

Blue Monday – the third Monday of January is reportedly the most depressing day of the year. It originated with academic Cliff Arnall in 2005. He calculated that a variety of factors including wintery weather, post-Christmas debt, failed New Year’s resolutions and returning to work make Blue Monday the most difficult day of the year.  It’s also the time of year when many divorce proceedings start with twice as many divorces being filed in January as the second most popular month of September.

So, do we all succumb to the perils of ‘Blue Monday’ or any other day that seemingly starts badly? We have a choice here. Have you ever got up, banged your toe, tripped over the cat, spilled the tea and then expected or even said out loud that the rest of the day would be just as bad or worse? If you did then it probably was. It’s like setting your default mode for the day to ‘go wrong’. If you can recognise any of this then you can choose to change it.

You can choose to stay where you are in life and ‘how’ you are in life or you can choose to move forward. The future you can be right now using NLP  (what we think, what we hear ourselves say, our self-talk and the kind of language we use and our programming or learned behaviour) and Hypnotherapy ( a pleasant relaxed state of mind that is receptive to positive suggestions).

It’s all about finding our inner resources and strengths, reframing something we perceive as negative and changing it to a positive. One person might say ‘These things always happen to me.’ We’re now back to the early morning stubbed toe, spilled tea and poor cat! Things continue into a downward spiral. Another person might say ‘That’s an experience I’d rather not have had and what can I learn from it?’ What do you think the chance is for this person’s day going well?

Blue Monday and any other time in our lives can be mildly annoying to soul destroying. It’s how we choose to deal with it and what decisions we then make that makes a difference to our future lives.

Decide to do something different and change your behaviour to get the results you want. You may have heard the saying ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.’ Make the decision to have what you want in life now.

Take your first step now to the future you. Contact me now.

Kate Guest ‘Helping People Create Positive Change’

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