New Year Resolutions

It’s January and everybody speaks of goal setting and new year resolutions as if that is the best starting point of the year. Let me ask you a question, even at this early stage, how many of you have already made and broken a new year resolution?

Those of you who know me will be aware that I love to live in a world of metaphors and bring clarity through metaphors for my clients. This blog was inspired by the metaphors in a conversation I had on New Years Day about Resolutions and quoted here with permission.

“It certainly is going to be a great year, but not just because it’s the start of a fresh year, but because great foundations have been laid and now is the time to accelerate!!” 

I know a great number of you are aware of an entrepreneurial young lady who took 2017 by storm. For those of us lucky enough to know or work with Rachael Howourth, you know when I say this lady brings dynamism to the party, that’s with sparkles, glitter and party poppers!

Rachael’s wise words are where it all starts. Just as a building with poor foundations may not remain stable in adverse weather conditions, so too will a decision be less sturdy if the foundations of it are not clear, well defined and achievable.

Well prepared business or personal plans with solid foundations certainly do have the ability to accelerate, to gain momentum and have far-reaching effects in the future. Do you want to leave a legacy in your wake or be just another statistic of the “Well, she/he tried.”

The second metaphor in the quote from Rachael is about acceleration. If Rachael was a car, what car would she be? A Lamborghini Aventador perhaps? Very apt considering her professional background with AutoTrader.

One dictionary definition gives us the following: Accelerate – to advance, boost, promote, stimulate. This is exactly what Rachael and her company offer, so did Rachael pick the metaphor or did it pick her? (That’s the subject for further exploration in another blog. ?)

What foundations will you lay this year? What legacy will you leave? Who will you solidly serve, support and assist? Why yourself of course and in doing so you serve those around you.

Whatever your ideas are for this year, put the groundwork in, take your time to formulate your plans, do your homework, do the maths and then jump into the metaphorical vehicle of your choice and enjoy the journey.

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